Ms. Iftesham Sk.

Staff Coordinator

Mrs. Shukla Chakraborty 

The school follows the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Emphasis is laid upon the syllabus which is delivered in a planned and supervised fashion so as not to pressurize the child in any manner. The faculty is led by the Principal & the Academic head along with their team of highly qualified and experienced departmental in charges and teachers. All teachers receive refresher training on a regular basis while subject specific workshops are conducted by experts in the field. Teachers impart lessons by keeping the child firmly at the center of all instruction. Children also learn through projects and field trips.
Delhi Public International School Chatta

Academic In Charge

Mr. Joyjit Ghosh


We like to call our pre primary department a magical world of story book characters and fairy tales – a colourful and exciting world designed and powered for every precious little child who enters with sweet little baby steps and then gradually, under the loving care of teachers slowly blossoms into a wonderful human being! Classrooms are spacious where the child has the room to be flexible and not be confined to the desk and chair! Our teachers and facilitators are caring and trained in delivery of curriculum carefully and specifically designed for the enjoyment and learning of the little ones, while the interactive white boards keep the children merrily engaged with the bright and cheerful lessons set to cheerful music!

Delhi Public International School Chatta
Delhi Public International School Chatta


Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten 

Delhi Public International School Chatta


Classes 1- 5

Delhi Public International School Chatta


Class 6 upwards

Message from Principal

It is with tremendous joy that on behalf of the Management, staff and our precious children I welcome you to the website of the DELHI PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL CHATTA.

This beautiful school which boasts of a state of the art infrastructure having all amenities at par with reputed international schools is situated amidst a vast campus of fresh verdant greens away from the dust and noise of the city, has been the result of a vision rooted in the desire to establish a close community of all stakeholders who are committed to celebrating the uniqueness of each child and developing the innate potential which lies within them by gently, patiently and lovingly identifying every individual child’s core strengths as well as locating the challenges they face and then empowering them to overcome those very concerns.

The curriculum has been carefully designed to fit all aspects of individual needs of the student and is delivered by highly qualified and experienced facilitators who undergo regular training to keep themselves updated on all modern educational research which is directed at providing holistic education incorporating body, mind and soul. This ensures high academic outcomes and personal bests which are shared with parents and guardians during our regular interactive sessions with guardians. We use innovative techniques, engaging programs and proven instructional strategies to foster and encourage student learning outcomes.

Delhi Public International School Chatta

It is our desire to build up a strong community connect with the neighborhood and beyond as we firmly believe that creating lasting relationships between parent, student and school survives through the long journey of human life and is built up of wonderful experiences and memories which would sustain and our children during their personal growth as they emerge as academically and emotionally confident young people with strong self-esteem ready to face the ever growing challenges of a complicated and ever changing 21st century society.

At DPIS Chatta we unfailingly place the child at the centre of all our decisions even while deriving our own source of encouragement from their boundless energy and sparkle which are our prime motivators in our quest towards excellence in all deliverables.

Let me once again assure you that the safety, well-being and socio-academic development of your child is our personal commitment and as such we solicit your cooperation in bridging all divides between the home and school in our united efforts to deliver an enriching and meaningful education to our children. In closing let me share what my 20 years of experience with children has taught me which is “ children do not really care how much we know if they know how much we care!”

Anita Brooks

Delhi Public International School

DPIS CHATTA follows a carefully crafted curriculum targeting at identifying the hidden potential within the child and thereafter honing their skills with a focus on the holistic development of every student. 

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