Parent's Guidelines

1. Polite Behavior:

Parents are expected to display polite and respectful behavior towards school staff, students, and other parents at all times.

2. Approaching the Support Cell:

In case of any concerns or queries, parents are encouraged to approach the designated support cell in the school premises. The support cell will address parental concerns with care and confidentiality.

3. Prior Appointment to Meet the Authorities:

Parents are requested to schedule prior appointments before meeting with school authorities, including teachers, coordinators, and administrators. This ensures efficient communication and optimal use of time for both parties.

4. Decent Dress Code:

When visiting the school premises for any reason, parents are expected to adhere to a decent dress code, reflecting the professional and respectful atmosphere of the institution.

5. Mandatory Collection of Bills Once Paid:

It is mandatory for parents to collect receipts or bills for any payments made to the school, including fees, transport charges, or any other expenses. This ensures transparency and accountability in financial transactions.

6. Paying Fees on Time:

Parents are required to pay school fees and other dues on time as per the schedule provided by the school administration. Timely payment of fees supports the smooth functioning of the school and ensures uninterrupted access to educational resources and services.

7. Regular Correspondence:

Parents are encouraged to maintain regular correspondence with the school regarding their child's academic progress, attendance, and any other relevant matters. Open communication between parents and school authorities fosters a collaborative and supportive educational environment.

8. Cooperative Conduct of Responsibilities:

As partners in their child's education, parents are expected to cooperate with the school in fulfilling their responsibilities towards their child's learning and development. This includes supporting school policies, attending parent-teacher meetings, and actively engaging in their child's educational journey.

By adhering to these rules and expectations, parents contribute to a positive and cooperative school community dedicated to the holistic development of every student.

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