Mr. Ramjan Ali Sk

At DELHI PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL , CHATTA, our goal is to create successful, respectful and responsible minded young achievers, one child at a time. The school management is committed to all round excellence, delivering a complete educational experience that lasts a lifetime. We aim to educate our children in the richness of their past heritage and traditions, the diversity of their present circumstances, and the endless possibilities for a bright and successful future.

With this goal in mind, all academic and non – academic activities at DPIS, Mahestala have been carefully designed for optimal impact, by our imminently accomplished group of teachers and facilitators led by our Principal and other school leadership , all of whom are respected and reputed educators with excellent track records.

Our curriculum has been carefully created with a conscious focus on enterprise and honing of 21st century skills which imbibe confidence among students in applying this knowledge and aptitude in real time daily situations. To make this mission credible, we have incorporated the finest of amenities to the modern infrastructure which caters to the all round development of the child. Several outdoor as well as indoor games and sporting options are provided for the young students to enjoy physical activity in open spaces.

In sync with our vision of delivering 21st century educational outcomes in a safe and secure environment , the management is committed to ensuring that digital and technological proficiency are available and integrated into the curriculum for all children.

But, above all, we intend to make certain that we maintain an ongoing review and development of all our policies and best practices which are likely to impact our girls and boys, in order to provide an international standard education to each one of them, and towards this end, we solicit your kind support and whole hearted cooperation as we forge ahead in our united goal of providing our child the finest of holistic education.

I firmly believe that in choosing DPIS, Chatta for your child’s education, you have taken the right decision ad would be completely happy and satisfied with what our school has to offer!

Please accept my personal good wishes conveyed in all sincerity, and……… welcome to DPIS, Chatta!


Ramjan Ali Sk


Madam Shamima Sheikh

My dear students,

The past few months have been challenging for children all over the world as we continue to battle the deadly virus which has altered the very fabric of our society.

However, we take heart in the fact that some relationships thrive during difficult times……an excellent example being the close bond between teachers and their beloved students, which have become even stronger during the days gone by.

This year we have some immensely interesting activities planned for you whether they be held online or, God willing, in our beautiful school premises soon!

In the meantime, let us continue to keep the faith and enjoy the classes as we grow together!

With my best wishes,

Shamima Sheikh